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Bad Ice Cream 3;

A delicious adventure awaits you in Bad Ice Cream 3! Choose your taste and explore icy places to eat juicy fruits. Collect all fruits, avoid evil creatures and build and destroy obstacles with your powers.

Bad Ice Cream Game You can play alone or with a friend. Help collect ice toppings in the dish was ready. To do this, use the arrow keys to move them across the box and collect the ingredients that appear at the tips. But do not fall into the hands of the opponent.

Bad Ice Cream Game

Bad Ice Cream is the typical arcade game: lightweight proposition, fun characters and fairly simple challenge. Everything with very pixelated graphics and fairly characteristic electronic audio. Bad Ice Cream 3 unblocked Maybe the challenge is not anything big for more demanding and experienced gamers. But for casual gamers, the difficulty is reasonable, quite similar to Pac-Man. In the beginning, the phases can seem very easy, but, after some of them, they become more complicated.

Have fun with this arcade puzzle game! Good luck in the game!

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