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Bomby.io is a nice .io dodge game where you have to move around the map and avoid other players and bombs that are spread across the field. Bomby.io unblocked You operate a small yellow emoji that grows larger when you pick up the green gems on the folder. Bomby io game You can also drop bombs that explode after a certain period of time and destroy your enemies.

In this chaotic io game of business the real madness is created. How long will you be able to survive? Go on a search for bombs along with one of these unusual creatures and help him blow up as many enemies as possible. You will also need to try to avoid the villains that meet in the way. They will definitely slow you down!

Bomby.io Game

Bomby io In addition to other players, you also have to avoid the mines placed on the card those mines are attracted by heat and will move to your emoji if you get too close. When the yellow mines come into contact with you they will paralyze you and lower your movement speed for a certain period of time. The red mines, however, will explode and cause great damage. You can use a speed boost to avoid a large cluster of mines or to escape your enemies. Can you capture the arena full of bombs?

Use your mouse to move
Left mouse button to drop a bomb
Right mouse button to boost speed.

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