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In the new game Brutalmania.io we will go along with other players to the world where primitive tribes of people live. You will play for one of them. BrutalMania io At the beginning of the game you choose for yourself the race and the weapon that will be in his hands. BrutalMania io After that, you will find yourself in a location with other players. You will need to travel the world and search for various foods and other items. When meeting with other players you will join them in battle. With the help of your club you will have to kill the enemy players and get points for it.

Brutal Mania io Games:

Rubilovo, litter and brutal characters await you in the online game “Brutalmania.io”. This is an online game in which you will fight for survival among other players. You expect a serious battle for survival, in which the strongest wins. Your character will be a rather large bull, armed with a serious weapon in the form of a bat, mace, or something like that. In the beginning you have the opportunity to choose a weapon for your hero. The main task in the game “Brutalmania.io” is to become the leader and the most dangerous character who is able to destroy any opponent.

To become so, you need to pump your level, which is represented as an indicator in the bottom of the panel. Collect the red dots in the game to earn coins for which you can buy upgrades. New bits, mace and other devices have long been gathering dust in the store. But get ready for the fact that by your arrival there will certainly be other characters, stronger than you. First pump up before attacking them. But if they attacked you themselves, then all that remains is to defend and strike back.


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