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Electric Man 2

In Electricman 2 HS our protagonist is an electric ‘stick’ whose objective is to eliminate anyone who is ahead.  But first you must make a tutorial to learn how to handle your ‘stick’ and thus be able to defeat your enemies easily. Electricman 2 Unblocked Participate in the great Voltagen tournament where you will decide which is the champion of all the sticks. You can fight in the traditional way or by doing the movements in slow motion. Participate in this Voltagen tournament and win the current champion. You will have to throw some electric blows to the opponents and go sailing like Styx. Use your battery life for some special shots and start the battle of the robots, in this fabulous action game.

Left arrow = move to the left, right arrow = move to the right, arrow down = dodge. A (Q – to slow motion) = punch, S (W – to slow motion) = kicks, D (E – a slow motion) = grab   

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