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On this Fever for Speed Game motorway you will have to tread carefully to overcome the stragglers that are in front of you if you want to complete the race, but be careful with the track layout because there are some tight corners and quite treacherous points along the way. Fantastic car game where you must try to reach the finish line in the minimum possible time.

Get thousands of points reaching a speed of vertigo with your car and dodge the other cars that circulate on the road. Advance level to compete in increasingly complicated circuits. Fever for Speed Drive your car through different circuits that will unlock as you make the best of times. With the money you get you can buy upgrades in the garage.

Fever for Speed Game

Fever for Speed Car Racing Games is a very exciting car game where you must surpass your advisors and get first in the races, earn more money to improve your car, and win the races. Put your foot on the metal in Fever for Speed Gazo. Drive your car on the highway at top speed to win the prize. Will you have what it takes?

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