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Flappy Bird Flash The meaning of the game Flappy Bird game on the PC and Android is the passage of endless rows of different pipes that frame the screen from above and from below. Management is made by a small cute bird, which must overcome a huge distance.

“There is nothing easier” many may think, but it is really difficult. Since during the flight it is necessary to correct the bird’s position relative to the top and bottom, so that it flies gently between the obstacles. Otherwise, an unpleasant sound will be heard, and the game Flappy Bird Flash will be over.

Flappy Bird Flash Game

The game Flappy Bird is designed for devices with Android OS, but also try your hand at its passage on the PC with the application of BlueStacks is not difficult.

Flappy Bird unblocked is a mobile game released on the operating systems platforms ios, android, windows phone.

The process of the Flappy Bird Flash game.
The essence of the game is to pass between the pillars, similar to the game Super Mario Bros, a birdie. It was necessary to press the screen in time to make the bird go up and do not fall, and also to watch, so as not to crash into the barriers, in the form of poles. Controlling the flight by touching the screen, the bird flies and earns points. The process of the game caused an incredible concentration and stress during the passage and as a result of stress, psychosis, depression in many players.

The whole year the game was in the AppStore and PlayMarket, but the peak of its popularity scored 2 months before the removal. More than 50 million players around the world began to play and compete with each other in the distance between the pillars of the bird.

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