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Gravity Parkour G-Switch 3 game is a parkour game that constantly switches gravity. In the game, you need to constantly change gravity to run smoothly. Pay attention to stepping on the platform, do not step on the platform when you switch gravity, and the game will fail.The G Switch game requires the Adobe Air operating environment. Update content: Improve the experience and fix some issues.

G-Switch 3 I don’t know whether this sequel will continue to be difficult. The type of this game is a simple and pure parkour action. Players only need to change the direction of gravity when appropriate, so that the protagonist can avoid obstacles and traps and move forward unimpeded.

G-Switch Game

Of course, the simpler the gameplay is, the more difficult it is, and this G Switch game is no exception. In particular, I often use this kind of person from time to time to make the protagonist go sky rocketing. Very curious what the outcome of this game is, and if you pass customs, you can also challenge endless mode or multiplayer mode!

Controls: Arrows up / down = switch gravity

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