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A good shooter that can be played online is always worth its weight in gold. Krunkerio Introducing a new, cool online shooter for boys from the first person “Krunker.io”. This is a completely new multiplayer game with pixel characters, something reminiscent of the heroes of the universe of the maincraft and cartoon graphics. Krunker io Because fans of this type of games will appreciate it. It can keep players for a long time with its hardcore and a wide range of weapons.

The main feature of “Cranker.io” is that the enemies are highlighted only at the moment when they are directly in your field of vision. Krunker.io online Because you must always be alert and watch what is happening around you. Otherwise, at one point, it may be that someone has already crept up to you from behind and struck a blow. Krunker io game The fight can be of two types: survival and command. It is automatically selected at the start of each new round of only four minutes. Krunker.io 3d multiplayer During this time, you must kill as many enemies as possible.

Krunker.io Online Games

For every murder you earn balls, the greatest amount is given for killing a player in the head. At the end of each round, the points are scored and the winner is determined. The game will also please you with an abundance of classes of shooters, there are seven of them. Starting from a simple pistol and finishing with a stormtrooper from assault rifles, a sniper and so on. Everyone has their own unique abilities and skills. Choose a class of a fighter for yourself and go into battle. From the pleasant, you can leave your graffiti anywhere on the map. Choose your unique sign and leave it everywhere so that enemies tremble only from the thought that you are somewhere near. Have a good game!

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