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Lordz.io ‘is the most addictive video game on the web now available for free. The new installment of the .io sagas, of which we have already spoken to you on more than one occasion, has come here and is coming to revolutionize the Lordz.io free online multiplayer games. Lordz io In this new episode of the franchise we stand with ‘Lordz.io’ in a medieval era. For this we will have to keep in mind that the key to survival and the reign of power that we exercise over other players will be to build an army. However, mythology is also important because different elements of the fantasy medieval genre appear like dragons.

Organize the largest army in the world! Lordz.io game Collect gold to buy enough soldiers or build houses to increase the population limit. Lordz io but first of all, do not forget to protect them with powerful towers and strong security measures. Immerse yourself in medieval times with the new video game that will allow you to enjoy a unique experience together with other players. We’re talking about the Lordz.io game, have not you tried it yet? Once you try it you will not be able to resist. Good luck!


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