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Madmen Racing 2

The second part of the Madmen Racing 2 game is about how the madmen fought for the right to be called the best racer. To say on what transport you will travel here, we probably will not take it, because it seems that everyone that could find on that goes. Madmen Racing 2 Here, for example, you will ride in the first race on a unicorn with wheels. Nothing so yeah? In your opponents will be a cook similar to Pope Louis and the Viking is similar to who it is not clear.

Madmen Racing game The task is to improve your transport as much as possible. To do this, you need to earn money to later spend it on improvements.This game is a continuation of Madmen Racing: There are more cars, characters, updates. Get ready for the crazy race. Perform various tricks, earn points. When choosing a car, remember that each car has its own unique characteristics.

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