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Monkey Fighting

About The Monkey Fighting:
You are a monkey trying to escape from hunters, lost in the jungle, protecting yourself from gorillas, locals and other monkeys. Press “A” to shoot or “S” to jump.

Monkey Fight is a fun and exciting action game. Cute graphics and fun games to suit all ages.

You will control a monkey in your vote and you will find a way to save the rare animals caught by the bad guys. You will face the soldiers and beat them. When you hit them, they will be surprised. On the other hand, if you shoot, you lose blood and you will die.

There will be wooden boxes on the map. If you destroy these boxes, you take the banana. If you eat banana, you will earn points.

The game is very challenging in the field. Soldiers, cannibals, violent fish swamps, fires that can burn you …

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Use the left and right arrow keys to walk.
Use the space to jump and skip x2.
Use the up arrow key to hit and hit x2.
Use the kick and the x2 kick down arrow key.
The monkey has special abilities such as high shot and flying kick.
Monkey Fu Combo is your ultimate skill.

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