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Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2; Oh, that’s “right, I’m peeing when you’re” surrounded by water, it’s easy to forget. Raft Wars 2 Now that my territory is tagged, I suppose you have to defend it in this turn based shooter where the accuracy and angles determine if you can sink or. Well, do not sink. Dive in the deep end!

Raft Wars game Babe Simon renews in a sandbag a treasure of gold coins and diamonds. It is a good idea to know the pirate, which is systematically attacked by malíša. Raft Wars 2 Task Saimona to rebuff and postoratsya has stopped most of the riches of the natives and the father in law. In the yoke, the wilderness has been woken up to the water. In the battles against the sea, the grate harvesting and the misty gun. The gameplay process has long reminded the Worms series. Choose a gun and a trajectory, as you can.

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