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A robust entertainment program in Rocking Sky Trip will immerse you for a long time in pleasant sensations, because you have to reincarnate in an experienced driver. Your train has a very unusual shape, flowing from all sides and looks like a purple balloon. Rocking Sky game Start moving on the platform, look ahead and do not leave the route given.

Move your components at very high speed, carefully monitor the obstacles on the road, otherwise you can hit the fence and stay away. If on the road you will go through gems, without stopping, direct the cars straight towards him and then back to your path. A grasping runaway where you have to control a ball that rolls through the maze and despite numerous obstacles to collect different bonuses.

Rocking Sky Trip Games:

We invite you to rise in a huge space above the surface of the Earth in the sky, on the train. In this unusual game the train took the form of a ball and it needs to reach its destination. Rocking Sky Trip unblocked The path of the magic train passes through the heavenly platforms, on which there are many obstacles. You the driver of transport must overcome them and prevent a collision. After all, if there is an accident the route will start from the beginning.

The game “Journey on the train across the sky” is a 3D game with elements of evasion and jumping. On the way, the train can collect precious stones and bonuses to find them later. Obstacles on the platform will pop up in the form of walls, air tiles, futuristic mills and many other unusual traps. Gradually, the speed of the train will increase, so you are good at passing level by level. Continue in the same spirit.

How to manage the game “Travel by train through the sky”? Very simple. The left mouse button is needed to control the ball. The game, despite its simplicity, is very energetic and interesting. After passing through the level, you can see how many stones were collected and how many percent passed the path. Help the train to get to the station. After all it is already waiting for passengers.

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