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In this online game Rooftop Sniper, you can play against the computer or your friend. The controls are pretty easy, because all you have to do is click on two buttons. You can jump or shoot. RoofTop Sniper Game If you manage to push your enemy off the field of play, you win.

Do not stop trying your hardest, since your enemy will also try to dodge the bullets and reach the top. Therefore, jump, shoot and try to stay on the pitch. It is important that you jump at the right time and shoot accurately against the enemy. Make him fall down the cliff without them being able to touch you, even if it’s going to be a complicated job.

RoofTop Sniper Game

Two shooters are at the top of the building and can not keep their balance and aim very well. Rooftop sniper unblocked at school Shooting games your rival and jump carefully to throw your enemy down. Challenge an opponent controlled by the computer or another player in a duel for two.

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