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Chess is one of the most popular games in the world and so there is no doubt that a good online platform to play matches of this sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee would be very successful.

And that’s what SparkChess game offers its players, a practical and inexpensive way to tackle opponents from anywhere on the planet. To start the challenge, just go to the website and choose the chess multiplayer game mode.

Chess Multiplayer Game

Chess games It is possible to face four different characters, each representing a level of difficulty: Cody (easy), Claire (medium) and Boris (difficult). 2 player chess To face the Guru, character of advanced level, it is necessary to buy the complete version of the game.

Spark Chess and many other chess games are available for free at our website. Play now! Grab the book of rules and strategies and break your head to win in what is one of the top board sports around the world: chess. Analyze each move to make it count.

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