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Super Smash Flash 3; A unique fighting game in which characters from the legendary games on old consoles are collected. You can fight for Super Mario or Princess Zelda, use Sonic techniques or take a fighting stand with Pikachu. Choose your favorite hero of the past and go to the arena to prove who is really the most invincible. A cute appearance does not mean that the chosen character can not pile up cuffs for everyone.

Super Smash Flash 3; Superheroes and simply brave characters in the virtual world are just the sea, for every taste and color. True, they do not always get along with each other, often compete and challenge. Super Smash Flash unblocked Therefore, one day it was decided to organize a championship to find out which of the heroes is the strongest and adroit, as well as cunning, patient and hardy.

Super Smash Flash 3

The rules are simple: you need to choose one of the heroes, for example, Mario, Sonic, one of the Ninja Turtles or someone else, more than twenty heroes in all. Pay attention to the characteristics and parameters of the characters, each of them has its own unique features. Then everything is elementary go out into the arena and fight with rivals to the victorious. If the opponent falls  you earn points and other rewards, you can spend them on the pumping.

How to Play?

Title :  Move
Q : Defense
J : Attack
K : Go
L : Dash
UIO: Key Skills


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