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Surviv io;

Surviv.io game is a huge online 2D Battle Royale. Join the online arena where you survive by finding and collecting weapons, items to blow up all opponents. Collect powerful guns and all ammunition to be in first place in the ranking of fighters of this multiplayer game! Surviv.io unblocked We want to make a tempting offer on the site Play Games Land, from which no self respecting player can refuse.

A multiplayer browser based online game called Surviv io opens before you. Everything is simple and at the same time very cool in it. The main character is somehow connected with a kolobok, because it can easily be confused with him. Surviv io free But in the fairy tale it was not said that he could carry weapons, but here, it turns out, without him and at all. And while you are unarmed, very quickly move towards those parts of the territory where weapons will be exactly. Surviv io unblocked games It may seem that the map is very complicated, but it is not. Store your weapon and switch between them at any time, because the switch is always faster than the full recharge.

Surviv.io Unblocked

Symbols of weapons you can easily distinguish, and cartridges are depicted in the form of red or yellow squares. Surviv.io game When you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Commando”, then do not be afraid to attack the opponents themselves, who will not hesitate to give you a rebuff. But do not be afraid: a couple of training sessions, and you can fight on equal terms, and even more.

On the site of their defeat, useful items will appear: first-aid kits that greatly increase the health reserve, bandages that slightly increase the health reserve, pills, soda and other. Soda, incidentally, very much accelerates you, which adds fan and variety to the gameplay.  Surviv io game The meaning of the game strongly resembles PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, because here too there is a red field that narrows, and beyond it the level of lives goes down, so it will not work out, and here as in the “Highlander”, there must also be only one. We hope they will be you! Good luck!

Navigate with the WASD keys, using the mouse to aim and shoot.

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