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Tank Trouble: A Tank Game A Tank Game. Tank Problem The objective of the game is to get through and destroy the enemy tank. Collecting bonuses in the battlefield can greatly increase the battlefield power by gaining time.

Tank Problem A correct and logical calculation can be used to quickly miss the enemy shell to reach the target. Good luck.

Tank Trouble Game

1 Player VS Laika: This mode provides a tie-up with a tank Laika controls by a dog. Although there is a CPU playing the game, Laika’s skill level is quite high, and it will be easy to win against it. 2 Players: 2 players are comparable. 3 Players: 3 players have an agreement. How to play Player 1, use ESDF to move and Q to fire. Player 2, use the arrow keys to move and M to fire. Player 3 uses the mouse to drag the mouse and move the mouse. Tips Try grabbing when you see special ammo. Do not forget to get through the bullets even after your opponent is defeated.

Playes : 86