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The gameplay of Temple Run Online begins very adrenaline. You storm out of an old temple, with a precious idol in your hand, fleeing wild, mystical beings who guarded the statue. Temple Run game The successor game of Temple Run is again about escaping huge demon monkeys that are chasing you out of the temple. The furry guards do not like the intrusion of intruders on hidden treasures.

In the free Mobile Game Temple Run you have five different adventurers to choose from choose one of them and embark on a tumultuous adventure, in which you set up a fast pace and sweep over rotten wooden bridges and collapse prone temple walls away.

Temple Run is a free mobile game where you explore  in a very turbulent way – ancient temples. Dilapidated sites whose splendor has long since given way to wild jungle vegetation, but whose precious treasures continue to attract adventurers and treasure hunters from all over the world. Choose one of the five heroes available and embark on an action packed adventure where you literally run for your life! At a rapid pace you sweep over the scenes of dilapidated temple ruins without looking back, but always looking forward to quickly recognize all obstacles and avoid them in time.

Temple Run 2 is a free to play running game that can be played on both the smartphone and the tablet. With skillful wiping movements you navigate your character past numerous obstacles and try incidentally as many treasures from the temple to steal as possible. Depending on which obstacle is in front of you, you jump over it, slip through it or just swing to the side. If you react too slowly, you will run somewhere, fall down a cliff, or be captured by the temple guards. Then the round is over.

Temple Run Online Games

Temple Run game Your greed also pays off, because for the captured treasures you can buy helpful items that will make your run easier. For example, the so called “Boost”, which makes your nimble adventurer run even faster and also ensures that you remain on the track during the impact duration. With a magnet, you no longer have to emulate all the coins lying around. Just run past them and the magnet will attract them all automatically. The “invisibility power up” makes you invisible to your pursuers for a short time.

The free app also gives you the ability to compete with other “temple run” players. The international highscore list gives you a good overview of which position you currently occupy in the ranking.



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