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Popular flash game Tunnel Rush. We are moving along a three-dimensional tunnel on a spaceship, avoiding obstacles, and try not to be undermined by mines. Play for free in the flash game Tunnel Rush online or download the game Tunnel Rush Unblocked.

Destroy all obstacles you encounter on your journey through the tunnel. Control a ship through a gigantic tunnel full of obstacles, avoiding all that can get along the way to get far, taking the items along the way that will give you extra points.

Tunnel Rush Game

You can also rate and comment on the game! To prepare for the trip in time in the near future (Okay, maybe a little too optimistic), how about touching the first nail-biting exciting Flash Tunnel Rush game brought to you with great pleasure by our superb games site ? Choose your cool spaceship and come on! (Spaceships are different in control, power shielding and speed.) Use the up arrow to accelerate and the down arrow to brake. To guide your awesome ship, use the left and right arrow keys! The Shift key is for launching bombs and space bar is for shooting. Wait, what do I do that? You know, anything can happen in time travel … Try much better avoid walls, electricity beams and mines! Do not forget to pick up the power-ups along your way, power mastery, shield, holography, name it!

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